Best Website to Watch Tamil Web Series on Your Screens

Many people love to see web series, and these web series gained a lot of importance during the COVID period. Many websites offer different web series for people to watch and spend their time with. If you are a fan of Tamil movies, you may also be interested in watching the web series.

To watch movies online, you must subscribe to a reputed OTT site such as Aha. If you are a fan of watching web series, read the guide below to learn about some Tamil web series and movies that you can watch on your mobile, computer or TV screens.

Tamil Web Series to Watch on Aha

On Aha’s OTT platform, there are some Tamil language web series you can watch to pass your time. The Tamil web series are as follows:


This is a Tamil web series you can watch on OTT channels, and the web series is directed by Raj Kumar and produced by Gross root film company. The main story of this web series revolves around the game Jallikattu, which is depicted as taking place in Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu. Watch all the episodes of this web series on Aha.

Anya’s tutorial

This is another web series you can watch instead of opting to watch movies online. You can watch this web series on reputed OTT channels and consider the story both terrifying and thrilling. The story revolves around Anya (Lavani), a wannabe social media influencer who moves to an old apartment before the lockdown.

Though her sister often calls her, telling her to be back home, she ignores those and instead runs her online channel, Anya’s tutorial, which is about giving beauty and DIY tips. As her channel gains popularity, she does paranormal activities in her house that gain people’s attention. Watch the web series to know what happens next.


This is another Tamil web series based on the book ‘Birds of Prey’ by ArchanaSarat. This is an original web series for Aha Tamil and is directed by Rajesh.M.Selva, and the story is about solving the kidnapping case of an important politician and investigating the mysterious disappearance of men from wealthy families in the city. Watch the web series to learn more about the story.

Stream the Latest Tamil Web Series on Aha 

To watch the latest Tamil web series like Irai, Anya’s tutorial and many more, subscribe toAhatoday. Watch the best Tamil web series from the comfort of your house from a device of your choice anytime you want.

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