10 Solutions For Organizing Wires And Cables

Currently, everyone has electronic devices scattered around the house, and it is common for wires and cables to get in the way of the aesthetics of environments. Plus, when those wires get tangled up, unwinding is a headache, that is why you need a cable protector and in industries a heavy duty cable protector. Thinking about this problem, here are tips for you to enjoy technology with comfort and organization. They are:

1) Hide everything in the baseboards! This finish already comes with an internal compartment to hold the electrical wires.

2) Use flexible cable organizers. They are great options for adding wires and hiding them.

3) Panels completely hide the wires. As they are a little farther from the wall, there is room for cables. Also, they decorate your TV room.

4) Labeling cables is a simple option that provides agility and practicality when you need to identify them for use.

5) Channels are also a solution that perfectly hides the wires, and you can even paint them the wall color.

6) Paper clips, easily found at stationery stores, also help to organize the wires that are often scattered on your desk. With them, you won’t have to drag everything to look for a specific thread.

7) Velcro helps organize wires and cheaply.

8) Use wire fasteners on the walls. That way, they don’t get loose, and you avoid that tangle in which we usually get lost!

 9) If you can’t with them, abuse and use creativity and turn wires and cables into decoration elements! Use them to form designs on walls or decorate your cables with ribbons and other decorations. It’s fun and modern!

10) If none of these options suits you, the ideal is to use wireless devices. The market has several options for you to be able to work or have fun in any environment without worrying about the wires. Printers, computers, TVs, and many other Wi-Fi devices exist.

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